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When Was the Last Time?

By Jacqui – One of God’s Intercessors

As a prayer intercessor, I often receive many prayer requests. Some come as heartfelt pleas, “Please pray that…” Others come in as a list from those seeking God’s healing, wisdom, provision, and more. Only a very few come in as a praise.

God is answering our prayers all the time. Okay, not always the way we thought he would or even when we thought he would. But his answers are divine and bring a greater good than they would’ve if he’d answered in our limited scope of how we wanted things to go. So, in the midst of all those answers have we forgotten to say, “Thank you”?

When was the last time you prayed just for the purpose of praising God? Maybe, never? When we pray for the sole purpose of praising God, amazing things happen. First, the enemy has to leave the premises! That’s right. The enemy of our souls cannot stand to be around when God is sincerely being praised.

Next, we make an incredible connection with our Lord! You see, God is the only God who is worthy to be praised. In a quick scan of scripture verses that tell us our God is worthy to be praised, I found 71 scriptures! When we pray to praise God, we become filled with joy and energy. It’s better than a workout!

Praise is not the same as thanking. You may not feel you have anything to be thankful for. I hope not, but there are times you may feel that way. Friend, you don’t have to have a single thing to be thankful for to praise the Lord. Remember, you are praising him in prayer because “He is worthy to be praised”. He is the Alpha and Omega, our Creator, Almighty God.

May the nations praise you, O God. Yes, may all the nations praise you. Psalm 67: 3

Prayers of praise have become one of my favorite prayers to pray. May you discover a new closeness with the Lord as you take time to praise him in prayer. “Yes, He is Worthy!”

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