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When Tears and Prayers Mingle

My heart is a tender one. It is the heart of an intercessor. This means that I must allow it to be broken over and over again; knowing, trusting, that God will heal it. Each time I think it will be stronger now. Yet, God continues to allow it to be broken – broken for his people who are hurting.

In Romans it reminds us that the Spirit will intercede for us with groans too deep for words when we do not know what to pray. God has shown me that there are times when the name, “Jesus”, spoken with tears is the most powerful healing prayer of all.

So, why is my heart breaking today? It began to ache when I prayed for Rosa Linda at the loss of her husband, father and grandson and for Cecelia when she asked me to pray for her son who is fighting a drug addiction. It hurt for Maria Lina and the pain she is in and for Salvador who sobbed in emotional pain as we began to pray for him. It broke a little more for Concepcion as she shared that she felt so rejected and thought she didn’t matter to anyone. Tears seeped out as I prayed for Claudia when she shared that her daughter was trapped in an abusive marriage and that she fears for her life and the lives of her grandchildren.

I prayed fervently for a friend from church while her husband was in a life-changing surgery this week – only to learn that the surgery had been stopped. The cancer was pronounced inoperable and incurable by the oncology surgeon. Now, I pray that God will bless the time he has left with her and their family.

I found myself thinking much of another friend yesterday and today, a sister-in-Christ who prays for me. A short time ago, I learned that her husband passed away this morning. They were unable to save him.

If you are an intercessor then you know, it is not time to stop praying. Rather it is time to let the tears flow right along with the prayer. I allow myself to cry for her. I pray from the heart for her, and I speak the name of Jesus over her, as I continue to surrender my heart to Him and offer up my prayers for her and her family. Knowing, trusting... it is enough. God can and will do what we cannot. He heals broken hearts, even as he breaks the hearts of His intercessors when He call us to pray for the hurting.

By Jacqui - One of God's Intercessors

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