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When Praying Hurts

We often associate prayer with feeling better about things. Isn’t prayer supposed to make us feel good?

As one of God’s intercessors I will openly share with you that sometimes praying hurts. Recently, I spent time with our missionaries in another country where a war is going on. I encouraged them to share what was in their hearts and sitting upon their shoulders, and they did.

As each one shared, I then carried their burdens to God as I interceded for them in prayer. During that time of prayer, I held out the very burdens that were hurting them, weighing them down and causing them grief as I went into a time of intercession. It is in the throne room of God, as an intercessor lifts up another’s burden, that it hurts.

Oh, I know not to hold onto them after the prayer. I know to leave them with the Lord. But sometimes, when I have carried one heartbreak after another after another before the Lord my spiritual muscles feel the strain.

We would leave the prayer room for the day, leaving all those hurts with our Lord; the God who can and does comfort, heal, provide and protect, only to enter it again the very next day. Once again we would listen intently and hand out tissues or a drink of water. Then, we would go into a time of prayerful intercession with our Lord. We laid our hands upon those who needed to feel the presence of one in prayer with them. I anointed several with Holy Oil when healing was needed, and for a few my tears rolled down my cheeks as I prayed.

So, why do something that hurts? Because while I cannot fix anything, heal anyone, or even make a situation better, I serve a God who can. Maybe, you don’t really believe that prayer changes things. I do. I’ve seen God answer prayers in ways we never imagined. I’ve seen the miracles he continues to do today. So, just like any good athlete would do, I continue to pray through the pain, knowing it will only make my faith muscles stronger.

As an intercessor, I find joy in the prayer, even when it hurts to pray.

By Jacqui - One of God's Intercessors

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