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When I Fight

By Jacqui – One of God’s Intercessors

I love praise music! I love how my spirit seems to get filled up with the presence of the Holy Spirit as I sing, lift my hands high, and praise the Lord! Recently, I heard a new praise song that really touched me. It’s by Phil Wickham and it’s called “Battle Belongs”.

As one of God’s intercessors I find myself praying in Spiritual Warfare quite often. What an awesome reminder that the battle is not ours. The battle belongs to God!

Remember Joshua? He fought many battles as he claimed the land God promised to the Israelites. More times than not, Joshua went into the battle knowing he was outnumbered with no real chance of ever winning that battle on his own. But he knew the battle was the Lord’s. He knew God would go before them, that nothing could stand against the power of our God. He knew if he simply walked in obedience, the Lord would win the battle and the glory would be God’s!

Most of us are fighting battles, have fought battles, or will fight battles in our life; especially if we profess to love and serve Jesus Christ as our Savior. So, how do we effectively fight in a battle that only God can win?

We fight on our knees! God can do more through our prayers than we can do in a lifetime of effort on our own. When we fight on our knees, we can lay every fear at God’s feet. We can praise him remembering that if God is for us, who can be against us?!

When all we see is the cross, God sees the empty tomb! We see the difficulties. We see the obstacles. We feel the pain and we want to retreat. But nothing can stand against the power of our God! Jesus Christ lives! He conquered death. He took the keys of Hades. Spoiler alert! The battle belongs to the Lord and He wins!

Today, as I prayed and as I know I will soon be called to pray again on behalf of another, I will fight for them on my knees in intercession. I will fight on my knees with my hands lifted high, and I will remember that the battle is the Lord’s.

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