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When I Can't See

By Jacqui – One of God’s Intercessors

Today, I am struggling to see what God wants me to see; to know what God wants me to know as I begin to pray for the nations. I didn’t realize how clearly God was showing me the way in prayer until my vision became blurry.

Last week, I had eye surgery. There has been much pain in the past few days and the best vision I’ve had in that eye has been like looking through a piece of wax paper. Today, the pain is gone and there is definitely something behind the “wax paper” of my vision. Each day, God willing, my vision will become clearer until it is good and strong.

This is my prayer for my Spiritual eyes as well. How did they become cloudy? When I needed the vision repaired in my physical eyes, I prayed and then I went to an eye surgeon. To repair the vision in my Spiritual eyes, I am seeking an appointment with my Heavenly Father.

Perhaps it sounds strange to you to hear one of God’s intercessors talk about a vision of where God is leading rather than just needing the right words to pray. Let me try to explain. When an intercessor is seeking God’s will and desiring to pray God’s will it’s as though he opens the heavens and shines a light so we see just where he is leading. This helps direct our prayers.

You see, intercessors aren’t really smarter in knowing what to pray. We’re just ‘directed’ by our infinitely wise Almighty God. I seek God often. Before entering a time of intercession for a person, I may take the time to listen well to the one I will be interceding in prayer for. But, I am also listening and watching for what the Lord will reveal that needs to be prayed for this person. This is the difference between prayer and Godly intercession.

Today, I am trusting God to clear away any blurry vision in my prayer life and guide me into a time of prayer for the nations and all those who are lost and cannot see their way to the Lord. May he clear their vision and draw them near to him in Salvation.

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