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When a Quick Prayer Just Isn't Enough

By Jacqui – One of God’s Intercessors

If you pray a lot for others, you may find that words will often come to you quickly and flow easily as you pray for someone in need. But, sometimes, as an intercessor, I receive prayer requests that need more than a quick prayer. Sometimes, I receive requests that need me to step away from everything for a while and go to my prayer closet.

When I step into this space, I often find myself on my knees bowing before the Lord God Almighty; crying out to him because I know he hears our prayers. Today, is such a day. Today, the requests came in via email.

As I began to scan through my emails, I soon realized that I would need to step away for a few of these requests. These are the ones that are filled with pain as you read through them. These are the requests that cause my own Spirit to say, “Oh, Lord, what now?” And these are the ones that make me stop and pray again and again, even after leaving the prayer closet.

I know, as an intercessor, that God hears every prayer I pray, and I know he doesn’t forget anything I’ve prayed. So, one might wonder why I would feel a need to continually pray for a certain prayer request. I’ve come to believe it’s because God wants me to stay connected with that person through prayer. These are prayers where I’m standing alongside or even standing in the gap for one who is walking a difficult road or for a nation that is in turmoil.

It’s times of intercession like these, continual pray may put a draw upon an intercessor. But, we’re in good company. Remember, when the woman reached out to touch the hem of Jesus’ garment in the crowd. Remember, how he turned and asked, “Who touched me?” He felt the healing she received from him. After times of intense prayer, an intercessor may also feel poured out on behalf of another.

When an intercessor tells you, “I’ve prayed.” You won’t need to say, “Oh, please keep praying.” They’re telling you that they have gone to their knees. They have interceded intensely on your behalf and now they are trusting God for the answer. I pray you, too, will trust him. I must go, for there are those who are in need of prayer right now.

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