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What We Cannot Say

By Jacqui – One of God’s Intercessors

This morning I heard a story shared in a small prayer group I was part of. The person sharing was quite taken with the story and encouraged us to pray. The story was not a new one to me nor would it have been to another member of our Intercessor team. You see, we were busy praying back several months ago when the story itself was still unfolding.

That’s part of the life of an intercessor. We pray. But, we often never speak of nor share with others what we prayed for that day. Confidentiality – a prerequisite for intercessors.

Is it easy? No, sometimes it’s not. Not until we fully lay it out in prayer unto the Lord. Then, well, then it becomes much easier to walk away; knowing and trusting that God is at work in the situation and it no longer requires us carrying it around.

I’ve become much better at not even allowing people to know I ever knew something. They may be so excited to share what they’ve just learned and I, and the other intercessors I work with know the best thing we can do is simply listen as if we’re just now hearing about it. Perhaps one day we’ll work for Fort Knox!

What I’ve come to learn is that to be a truly effective intercessor, I must not only be able to keep a confidence, I must let go of pride. Pride can be a downfall of an intercessor. It’s kind of like kryptonite for Superman! Pride would have us speak up and tell what we knew. But God calls his intercessors to have humble hearts. I believe he does this to protect us.

When we remain humble, it doesn’t matter if someone else shares something we knew. We just feel at peace that we held in confidence what we were asked to keep confidential. We also feel the joy of knowing that what is now being shared is a God story because when it was unfolding God was answering our prayers for the situation. We are free to celebrate with those praising God and saying, “Wow, it could’ve been so much worse. God really looked out for them.” Yes, friend he did. He even called intercessors to pray so that he might be glorified.

And that’s the final line of the story. God is Glorified!

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