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What My Eyes Saw

I’ve just returned from a prayer journey in Spain. I wish that I could share all of it with you. For now, let me just share a moment on that journey, a moment that compels me to pray. I must also share why this moment has had such a profound impact upon me and my hope is that it will inspire you to pray.

Our prayer team had already walked 9 miles in prayer that day. We had prayed many prayers aloud over the miles and shared many quiet prayers within the towns. We had proclaimed Jesus’ name over the ground and prayed for many people along the way when we ended up in the final town we would visit that day.

It was September 8th, a National holiday in Spain. On this day, the entire country shuts down. All the stores, including grocery stores are closed, not only for the day, but for the entire weekend as they celebrate Mary’s birthday. On that Friday night, we arrived just as the people were entering the very large Catholic Church in the town. We had already passed a very dark and foreboding Catholic church that was locked up tight. But, this one was open and many people were coming in.

Our team walked in and I must say we were not prepared for the sight that met our eyes. On the altar at the front of the church sat a large idol. The idol was supposed to be a representation of Mary. The crucifix with Jesus still on the cross was very much in the background. God was not even being mentioned. All eyes were on the idol of Mary. It was this idol that the people were coming to worship.

There we stood, after miles of prayer walking and praising God’s name, giving thanks to him, and proclaiming the name of Jesus, in a church where the people were coming to praise an idol. I realize for some who will read this you may find this ‘normal’. The idol was of Mary, Jesus’ mother. I urge you to understand that this Mary, was being held up as higher than Jesus; Greater than God. I struggled to understand what I saw. Then, I prayed.

Our team prayed for those who were in a church, seeking to be close to God, yet worshipping an idol in God’s house. Scripture tells us Mary would be called blessed among women. It never says she would be greater than God, himself. When God spoke to Moses on the mountain He said, “You shall have no other gods before me.” Exodus 20:3

“I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” John 14:6 Jesus is the only way to eternal life. He is not in the background. He is no longer on the cross. He is risen. God allowed my eyes to see why we must pray for those in that town and in all the towns where people are distracted by idols that prevent them from worshipping our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. If this touches your heart, please pray. Pray for them to see Jesus, to see a risen Savior and to find eternal life in Him. Pray.

By Jacqui – One of God’s Intercessors

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