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Tug on My Heart

By Jacqui – One of God’s Intercessors

Today, I received a prayer request that tugged on my heart. It wasn’t even a request it was a plea. The person writing was crying out from a hurting place asking for others to please pray. Obviously, the writer had already been much in prayer and in all likelihood would soon return to prayer.

Perhaps it was in a moment caught between two prayers that the writer realized others were needed to join in beseeching the Lord for help. How could I not respond in prayer when the writer laid such pain before me.

I feel so very blessed to know that we serve a God who cares. You see, I never once doubted that God wouldn’t hear the needs expressed in the message I received. God would be waiting, knowing that I would be coming to him to lift up these painful burdens of another in a heartfelt prayer. God would be waiting to hear the words he would guide me to pray on behalf of one who is in such pain.

God would be waiting for all who would answer the call to pray. He would be waiting to answer the prayers lifted up and to bring the comfort and healing to the one crying out. God would be waiting because he already knew there would be a great need today.

For me, friend, that is comforting. It brings me comfort to know that God sees us in our pain.

He knows of the great needs we have, and he provides those whom he knows will pray for us when we reach out.

As God tugs on our hearts with the emergent need for prayer, the one who is suffering will be comforted for the Lord’s peace is the only peace that we can truly have when life is upside down. All other peace evades us.

It is for this peace that I will pray for the writer; the peace of knowing God is right there. He will never leave us nor forsake us.

It’s time to answer the tug on my heart, pray a prayer of intercession, and trust that God will be glorified in the answer to this prayer.

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