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Thy Will Be Done...or maybe mine?

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

By Jacqui - One of God's Intercessors

As an Intercessor I find myself praying much for nations all around the world. When their elections come, I pray for God's will to be done. I pray for the person the Lord wants in authority to be placed there, and then with quiet confidence I rest in that.

So, today, I am reminded of the surrender that goes hand in hand with praying, "Father, thy will be done." I voted and I really want the candidate I voted for to win. In my mind, our country would best be led by my candidate, and I want what's best for our country!

Oh my, notice all the "I" words in those paragraphs! What if Jesus had reacted that way? Thankfully, he didn't.

He did present his request to God. In a painful outpouring of prayer, our Savior prayed "My Father! If this cup cannot be taken away unless I drink it, your will be done." Matt 26:42

Even facing the agony of the cross, Jesus was able to pray, "Thy Will Be Done". It certainly wasn't what he wanted to go through. Are you facing something today that you don't want to go through? Are you wondering how a loving God could possibly allow you to go through such pain? Or, are you simply wanting what you hoped for?

I believe Jesus could do what he did and pray what he prayed because of his great love for His Father and the complete trust he had in him. When we truly accept that God loves us and we trust him to do immeasurably more than we could ever imagine then we can pray as Jesus did.

What if God's will is different than yours or mine? What if we go through painful times? He'll still be with us. In fact, he'll walk right through the pain with us and bring about a good that is beyond a horizon we cannot yet see.

So, no matter who wins the election, God is still sovereign. He is still Lord over all, and his plan holds immeasurably more for our eternal salvation than we will ever conceive of. And so, I pray, "Lord, I humble myself before you. I seek your will for our country, and I pray that the authority you place over us is the one you will work through to guide many into salvation with you. May your will be done in this election, Lord. May you be glorified! Amen"

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