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The Solitude of Intercession

The daily life of an intercessor is not Facebook worthy.  If God has called you to be an intercessor, I know you understand.  There are hours each day that are simply spent alone with God.  There are even times during those hours as an intercessor, I have learned to be silent.  God has taught me to listen for him to speak. 


Intercession is not simply sitting quietly sipping tea and relaxing in God’s presence.  Although, today, I admit that sounds rather nice.  Nope.  Intercession is sometimes loud.  There are many times I am praying out loud, adamantly interceding on behalf of someone else in prayer. 


Intercession is not just sitting still.  There are days I have walked and walked alone with God crying out on behalf of Israel and interceding for all those torn by the war.  I remember often another missionary from Ukraine saying to me, “Please don’t forget us.”  I haven’t.  God hears my prayers for you and those you serve there.


Intercessors must learn to be ok being alone and talking just with God.  This could be truly challenging for those that are true extroverts.  Intercession means listening intently when you are meeting with and praying with others.  Even when an intercessor is with other people to pray with them, we listen.  And then, we go to God on their behalf.


Somedays, intercession is warfare.  God’s promises are prayed aloud and the enemy is ordered out of a situation.  Prayer is intense and it’s probably a good thing that I am alone with God as I pray.  I wouldn’t want to scare someone. 


There is a beauty to prayer that is profound.  Occasionally, someone in the field takes a photo when we are abroad on a prayer team and a rare moment of intercession is captured.  Fellowship is often part of a prayer trip and if someone takes a picture - suddenly we have a memory and maybe even a Facebook post.


But, the daily life of an intercessor is one often filled with hours of solitude.   Not stillness.  Not silence.  But solitude.  Yet, as an intercessor, I am never alone.  God is always there, ready to listen; to turn his ear and to hear my prayer. 


By Jacqui – One of God’s Intercessors

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