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The Importance of a Name

Has anyone ever forgotten your name? It happened to me just this morning. I was meeting with one of our regional groups to pray with them. The person leading the group and the person I was to pray for called me by another name. It took me a moment to realize they were talking to me and not someone else in the group. When, I asked if they meant me, and said my name, they laughed. Embarrassment does that.

You might determine from this that they just don’t know me well. Perhaps they don’t, even though I just flew to their region and prayed with them a month ago, even though I have been praying with them every month for the past couple of years; they forgot my name.

As an intercessor, I have learned the importance of a name. When I pray for someone it is very important that I pray for them by name. They need to know that I am lifting them up to the Lord. They need that personal connection with God. They need to know they matter.

God has many names and in prayer, I often use his different names depending upon what I am praying for. God’s names reveal much about his character to us. They help us to know him better. He is our comforter, our healer and our redeemer. His is El Roi, the God who sees, Jehovah Jireh, our provider, and Elohim, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. He is the great I AM.

The better we get to know God through the Scriptures and our prayers, the more important his names become to us. When we pray to God using one of his unique names, we are praying into that part of who God is.

Most of us only have one name, although several of us have nicknames we often use. I suppose we like to think that our names are important. I could choose to be offended that they forgot my name when I know theirs so well. But, I’m choosing not to because you see they knew who I was when I joined them and welcomed me this morning. What they remembered was I’m the intercessor who prays for them.

I remember telling someone once that someday people in this mission organization won’t remember my name, but they’ll remember I prayed for them and most important they’ll remember God heard the prayer and answered it.

May your day be blessed. Signing off as…one of God’s intercessors

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