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Sitting in His Holy Presence

By Jacqui – One of God’s Intercessors

I love to sit in the presence of the Lord. I’ve not found anything quite as calming and certainly nowhere else have I experienced such a profound peace. Sitting in his presence is truly a Holy experience. So, maybe you are wondering where I go to meet with God. Maybe, you, too would like to sit in his presence.

I wish I could tell you that I can find his presence anywhere at any time. But, honestly, there are some places that it is difficult to feel the presence of the Lord. I believe it is because there are places that he hasn’t really been invited in. God is Almighty and can certainly be anywhere and everywhere he desires. He just doesn’t choose to have his Holy presence reside in some places. These are often places I feel the heaviness of the enemy.

So, where do I find him? I find him often in areas where many prayers have been offered up. I find him in places where many have come to worship him. I find him on remote hiking trails where nature reflects his creation. I find him in quiet places alone with my Bible. I find God when I go looking for him. Scripture reminds me to seek him.

As one of God’s intercessors I am always moving about, listening, praying and interceding for others. I’ve been called to do this. It may take me down roads into the lives of others that may bring tears and even pull me into valleys of compassion where I am tempted to just want to stay and be the arms of Christ for someone, wrapping my arms around them or simply sitting in a quiet place asking the presence of the Lord to enter in as I pray for them.

It takes me to places where the enemy has camped out and dug in his footholds. This is when I may experience a righteous anger and be called to intercede in Spiritual warfare as the Lord leads me. It takes me to places of wondrous awe as I witness the miracles God continues to do today.

I’m not prepared to continue on through these valleys and mountaintops without stopping along the way to simply sit in the presence of the Lord and allow him to renew and refresh my spirit; so that I might once again go forward where prayer and intercession are needed and where God is waiting to answer those prayers of intercession in ways that bring such Glory to his name.

Today, I am preparing to go where God has called me - out onto the fields of other countries where we do missions. But, before I go, I will take some time to just sit in his Holy presence.

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