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What Does a Prayer Retreat Look Like?

A Prayer Retreat sounds like a wonderful idea!  Doesn’t it?  If you’ve experienced a few of them, you know that it truly is.  But, what if it’s your first time? 


You may have worked hard just to schedule a day or so away.  Meetings may have been moved and your email set to an automatic reply.  Now you’re wondering about cell service and if you shouldn’t just take that one call while you’re away.  It may have taken some maneuvering just to get packed and out the door.


After getting on the road you may find yourself feeling a sense of relief that you’re finally in the car and on the way.  If you have much of a drive to get there you may already be fighting the temptation again to make that last call!  Hopefully, you’re finding yourself in a period of transition and looking forward to your time away.


Then, you arrive!  There’s the check-in process and getting settled and finally, you are alone with God. If this is your first time, don’t be surprised if there’s a moment or more where you start to wonder, now what?  That would be normal.  You may find yourself praying deeply, reading the Scripture, even writing down some thoughts that God has brought to mind only to look at your watch and discover that all of 42 minutes have passed!  If this is you, please don’t give up.


Try taking a walk with God and just listening for him to speak to you.  If your venue has hiking trails, I highly recommend them.  It’s ok to relax and just sit with God.  Naps are good and so is a hot bath if you’re truly alone on your retreat.  Many places offer someone who is willing to listen and pray with you for a time.  Take advantage of this if it’s available. 


I often take books on intercessory prayer, Spiritual warfare and prophetic prayer with me.  My favorite praise music and worship songs are downloaded on my phone.  This is a great time to sing, to dance, to praise the Lord freely or just to listen to the words of the song. 


Fasting can be an important prelude to your retreat or you may choose to fast throughout your retreat.  I’ve done both.  And, sometimes, I’ve needed to eat on my retreat.  That’s ok, too.  Take those favorite comfort food snacks and thank God for them.  There’s not just one way to do a prayer retreat. 


It’s all about spending time with God and allowing yourself to be fully present in his presence.  You don’t have to multi-task your way through.  You don’t have to come home with a list of all you ‘accomplished’ on your retreat.  Just pray.  Really pray.  Enjoy God’s company and take this time to talk with him about what’s really on your mind.  Seek his advice.  Seek his will and listen to what he may be speaking to you.  Most of all, friend, spend this time being with our God who truly loves you!    Now, enjoy your prayer retreat.  I can’t wait to begin mine!


By Jacqui – One of God’s Intercessors

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