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Shut the Door

When it comes to prayer there is a time to shut the door.  I know that the Bible reminds us to pray where two or more are gathered.  I know we most definitely need to meet and to pray together.  We are to pray in our churches and with other believers in corporate worship.  We pray while walking, driving, and at meals.  We pray in all different places and with all different people, and this is good.  But sometimes in prayer, we need to shut the door.


Jesus did.  Scripture tells us Jesus went away to a quiet place.  He went up on the mountain alone.  There were times he told his disciples to go on ahead.  He often went alone to the Mount of Olives.  Jesus went to God alone to pray.  For a time, he “shut the door” on the rest of the world and prayed alone.


There are times, as an intercessor, that we need to be alone with God.  There are times I need to shut the door to my prayer closet or my prayer barn and just enter into the Lord’s presence.  I need to sit quietly and listen for him to speak. 


Prayer is not always about us talking to God.  The most powerful prayers are when we listen to God.  Then, yes then, is when we truly know how to pray for what the Lord is calling us to pray for.  Behind the shut door, on my knees before my Lord is where I experience the power in prayer. 


If you are wanting to draw closer to God in prayer; if you are no longer even sure what to pray for, now is the time to go to God in prayer alone.  Leave your cell phone, your pet, and anything else that may distract you and for a time shut the door.  If you’ve never done this, you may be wondering what happens next.  Honestly, I am excited for you to find out.


You may want to begin that first time as Eli advised Samuel to do and simply say, “Speak Lord, for your servant is listening.”  The Lord speaks differently to each person.  You will hear him in the way he chooses to speak to you.  Don’t let fear, doubt or busyness stop you.   Go.


Lord, bless the one who is reading this blog.  Help them find their quiet place alone with you.  Quiet their thoughts and help them hear you so that they, too, may pray and humble themselves before you and experience the peace that comes in being with you in prayer.

By Jacqui - One of God's Intercessors

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