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Should We Tell Them?

By Jacqui – One of God’s Intercessors

So, the question arose today, “Should we contact people and tell them we have been praying for them?” Hmmm. This question may receive the answer, “Yes, absolutely!” It may receive the answer, “Not this time.” It may even require the question, “Is there a reason you feel the need to contact them?” Honestly, this question does not always have the same answer.

It would be nice if the answer were a simple one. But, it’s not. Let’s return to the question, “Is there a reason you feel the need to contact them?” Let’s explore that.

If you know someone well, you may often reach out to let them know you’ve been praying, especially if you feel they are needing a reminder of the power of prayer and you want them to be prepared to Praise God for the answers he will bring. In this situation, let them know you prayed.

If they asked you if you would pray for them and you did; let them know you prayed. They may appreciate knowing you took the time to pray for them. If you already have a relationship with them and you feel a nudge from the Holy Spirit that they really need the encouragement of knowing someone was praying for them right now; let them know you prayed.

Sometimes we need to pray and say nothing. If you are part of a group that has been asked to pray for someone, you may choose to let your group leader contact them. If you find yourself feeling closer to someone because you have been praying for them, please remember this feeling could possibly be on your end only. We are to pray and allow God the glory.

Be careful if you find yourself wanting someone to know it was you who prayed. Remember pride can be a downfall for an intercessor. Don’t get tripped up! God knows you’ve been praying his blessings of healing, provision, and protection for them. He hears when you pray asking him to give them wisdom and guidance, and he will often bless you by answering your prayer for the other person. Friend, may God bless you for the prayers you have prayed for others that they never knew about. I promise you, God knows and sometimes, that’s enough.

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