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Praying on a Healing Journey

By Jacqui – One of God’s Intercessors

For I will restore health to you and heal you of your wounds, says the Lord. Jeremiah 30:17

When my son became sick, I prayed. Then, he became sicker. I continued to pray. During this time, he saw several doctors none of whom could correctly diagnose the problem. I continued to pray and my son lost more weight and became sicker.

What we didn’t yet realize was God was taking him on a journey of healing. Had the LORD answered my prayer for healing at the start, he would not have made the journey and a greater healing than I could’ve imagined would not have taken place.

You see, friend, my son was a young adult; a highly intelligent young man who had begun to question his faith and God. It was during this time of his progressive illness and multiple tests that a doctor ‘stumbled onto’ a health issue that might have gone unnoticed for a period of years; long enough to kill him. I praised the LORD for an illness that prevented a much worse diagnosis.

As I continued to pray over the next several months and watched my son suffer physically, I also watched God begin to bring a new healing. My son began to ask me to pray. He started praying much himself and going to the Scriptures again. God brought about an amazing change and my son’s faith grew and deepened in a way it might never have.

Today, he continues to live with some health issues, but thanks to God’s healing is now in good health. Were my prayers answered? Immeasurably more than I ever could’ve imagined. My son walks with the Lord and has a very strong faith. He and his wife are raising their daughters to know Jesus!

When we pray for healing for a loved one, we often want to pray that the Lord will perform a miracle and bring about an immediate healing. Our Lord can certainly do that! But sometimes, friend, the Lord has a bigger plan and he may be challenging you to persevere in prayer as your loved one walks a journey of healing.

That journey of healing may bring about more blessings than you can conceive of at this moment. Stop looking at the pain and keep your eyes on God as you continue to pray. He is with you, even in this.

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