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Praying for the Unsaid

By Jacqui – One of God’s Intercessors

Many prayers begin with a prayer request. This is normal and good. God wants to know what we have in our minds to ask him about. As an intercessor, I often ask people how I can best pray for them in that moment. Most will share what is first and foremost in their minds; both blessings and concerns or what is weighing heavy within their hearts. Then, I intercede before the Lord for them as I pray.

Let us not forget that there are times our very spirit is in need of prayer. This is what is unsaid. This is where the heart of an intercessor is moved. God often blesses his intercessors with the gift of discernment. You may not be voicing what is happening. You may not even be aware, yourself, what your spirit is going through; but an intercessor with the gift of discernment will feel the need to pray for you.

Perhaps this has happened to you and you have already received a phone call from someone you know asking if they could pray with you. You might have gotten a text from an intercessor telling you that they have been praying for you. It’s possible someone asked you if there was something going on because they had felt such a need come over them to lift you up in prayer.

These are the times, friend, that God has allowed the discernment within his intercessors to pick up on the needs in your spirit that are telling them you need prayer. One of the beautiful, wondrous attributes of our God is that he alerts intercessors in these times so that you may be receiving prayer, and even the answers to those prayers, before you have even asked!

Today, as I move about where people are working, I am aware of the deep need for prayer within several of them! Normally, this happens for one or even two. Today, it is happening within many. This is a time that I must go before God in prayer and seek his guidance to know how he is directing me to pray. I know once I begin, God will guide my words and I will pray as the Lord directs.

May God guide me as I live my life as one of his intercessors.

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