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Praying for Peace

By Jacqui – One of God’s Intercessors

Peace is often illusive in our world today. Angst seems to have taken over the minds of so very many. When angst comes faith is in for a battle, and that battleground which begins in the mind, often takes over the body and if left unchecked, runs full bore into our Spirit.

And so we pray. God calls us to remember that he and he alone can bring about a sense of peace that will pass any and all understanding we might have of what peace is. As an intercessor I am asked to pray for many things; wisdom, provision, healing. But, seldom am I asked to pray for God’s peace. Perhaps, for most, they’ve stopped believing peace is possible.

Recently, as I prayed and interceded for another missionary, asking God to give them peace, they began to experience an incredible sense of peace come over them in that instant. When the prayer was over, the missionary sat quietly in a stillness where even their breathing was now relaxed and steady. I sat in silence waiting. I would not rob them of a moment of the peace that God was bestowing upon them.

Being an intercessor means that we know God is going to answer the prayer. We don’t always know when or how, but we are prepared to wait and watch; trusting that God is already at work in the prayer that we have laid at the foot of his throne.

Friend, I encourage you, next time you pray be prepared to begin watching for God to bring the answer. Too often, I have witnessed many pray, say Amen, and then immediately begin trying to do on their own what they just asked God to do. I’m not suggesting you do nothing. I am suggesting that you go forward carefully watching for what God is doing or will do in the situation. When you watch for him and for his answers to prayers, you will find him.

Please don’t forget to pray for God’s peace. His peace will come upon you before you see the answer to all else you have lifted to him in prayer. God may answer your prayer for His peace before you’ve even said, “Amen.”

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