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Prayer Takes Time

In a world of check lists, back to back meetings and the tendency to judge our days’ worth by our productivity, time becomes something we believe to be limited. Some people are always looking for time, “When I find the time, I’ll…” Others try to force time, “Somehow, I will make the time…” And some find themselves rather hopeless when it comes to time, “There is never enough time…”

As intercessors we are also prey to the never ending need for time. But, God has taught me something amazing that He, alone, can do with time. First, God is not bound by time. He was. He is. He always will be. What I’ve learned is that time spent in prayer is multiplied in the heavenlies.

There is nothing I can accomplish on my own that can outdo what God will accomplish in the same amount of time if I spend that time praying! The truth is God not only exceeds what I could do, he multiplies it!

Perhaps, you are finding yourself caught in a time continuum today. The enemy is telling you that you do not have time to pray. He’s feeding you the lie that what you have to get done is more important than talking with God. He’s encouraging you to be prideful and believe that you are the one that must step in and solve the problem that’s come up. Let me share a truth with you. The enemy is lying. He’s the father of lies. The truth is you do have time to pray.

You don’t have to find the time, make the time, or give up anymore because you’re believing there isn’t time. All you have to do is stop. Stop whatever you are doing and pray. The answers God will bring will amaze you. This is something that I know.

As one of God’s intercessors I have had to learn to stop and pray. Today, I’ve realized that I need to stop, not just for a few minutes, but for a few hours. I need to pray. I hear the cries of others who are in pain, who are confused, who are lost, who are sick, who are fearful and I know I must pray. I have decisions to make and tasks to be done, but I know it will take a fraction of the time to make those decisions and to complete those tasks if I pray first. How? Because of what God will do.

If you’re an intercessor and the enemy is working overtime to steal your time with God, I urge you, today, dear friend, to stop. Just stop right now and pray. Allow yourself to be amazed all over again at what God can and will do through your prayers. Others will once again have hope because of how God will answer the prayer you pray for them. You will once again be reminded of the almighty awesomeness of our God. Now, I must stop and pray.

By Jacqui - One of God's Intercessors

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