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Prayer Plus Walking

In a recent study it was confirmed that the brain’s processing capacity and memory improve when we walk at least 20-30 minutes. This means we think clearer and remember more! This helps us as we pray. Several sites listed many good reasons to combine prayer and walking.

Personally, I have found through my own, unsubstantiated study, that walking while I pray for others helps my thoughts pour out easily. If I have any inkling that I might not know what to pray for someone or a rather long list of someone’s, all I need to do is start walking as I pray for them and suddenly…my tongue is loosened and the prayers start to flow.

I’m not a scientist nor a medical doctor. But, I can tell you that with Spring in the air it is definitely time to begin prayer walking. Today, I was blessed to pray and walk through an entire region of field missionaries needing prayer!

I took my list of all their names and took off for my walnut grove. I walked and prayed and prayed and walked and then decided to keep walking because the more I prayed the more came to my mind to pray for others.

I don’t own a step counting watch and honestly prefer not to, but I love how once the prayers start pouring out to our Lord and the intercession fills the air around me I often can walk longer and farther than I would’ve had I not been praying.

If you are finding it difficult to pray for someone lately, I encourage you to put on your tennis shoes and head outside. Find a safe place to walk; somewhere that you can focus more on praying and talking to God than on watching traffic and begin to pray aloud as you walk. Yes, pray aloud. If you don’t want to ramble or lose your train of thought, pray aloud to God. Personally, I think he appreciates it if we don’t ramble.

So, no more excuses, friend. Grab your tennis shoes and a list of those you want to pray for. And if you don’t have a list, no worries, as you begin praying for some, others will come to mind. Just get outside in the sunshine to walk and pray. You’ll feel better and through the prayers you pray for others they, too, will soon be blessed by what God will do through your prayers for them.

By Jacqui - One of God's Intercessors

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