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Prayer Over Presence

By Jacqui – One of God’s Intercessors

My granddaughter, who is two years old, is scheduled for a surgical procedure tomorrow. She will be under general anesthesia for a short time during the procedure and with that there is always a risk. It’s not the first time for her and may not be the last. But, that doesn’t make us any less concerned.

There was a day not long ago when close family members would’ve gathered together at the hospital. There was a day only a short time ago that we were there. But that day is not tomorrow. Due to COVID only her mommy can go in with her, and we’re all OK with that.

You see God has taught us during these past two years to value prayer over presence. Oh, we still all love to be together and experience the presence of love. But, through this, God has shown us how love is a huge part of prayer.

The words each of our family members will pray for our sweet girl will be filled with our love for her. The answers God will bring will be filled with HIS love for her! We know there is both a physical realm and a spiritual realm. The Bible talks much about this. Thankfully, love transcends both!

Perhaps, there is someone you love who is going through a challenge, a struggle, or even fighting for their very life. COVID may be preventing you from being with them. Finances may have stopped you from being there or responsibilities may be holding you back from being able to offer your presence to your loved one this Christmas season.

God is offering you an opportunity to send your love in a very special way. Pray for them. If you’re someone who really needs something physical to hold onto, write your prayer out and mail it. Send it in an email or a text and allow them to read and hold onto the words you prayed in love for them.

Remember, God is part of this act of love. The answers he sends to your prayers and to mine are filled with his almighty love for the one we have prayed for.

Tomorrow, I will not be able to give my presence to my little granddaughter at the hospital. But, I trust in the Lord that she will feel the love of my prayers and the love of God’s answers. She will know she is loved, and I am reminded once again, that I can trust God. So, dear friend, can you.

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