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Prayer Lingo

By Jacqui - One of God's Intercessors

Many places seem to have their own ‘lingo’. I remember the first time I visited One Mission Society. The sign outside the door said, OMS (One Mission Society). The sign inside the door pointed to a training for ECC (Every Community for Christ) where there were several CMF’s (Church Multiplication Facilitator)and ACMF’s (Assistant Church Multiplication Facilitator) present. Someone stopped in during the break and mentioned they were from MFM (Men for Missions). I felt so lost!

Perhaps, prayer is making you feel that way. Earlier today I had a conversation about prayer language with a young woman I’m mentoring in intercession. She shared with me that she just assumed it all was some type of ‘lingo’ and had no real meaning. She was quite surprised to learn each phrase came from Scripture and further intrigued to learn there is a definite biblical meaning within each phrase.

The Bible has quite a bit to say about prayer. For those who pray all the time, sometimes it may be easy to forget we have to learn to pray.

Prayer is talking to Almighty God – the Alpha and the Omega. That alone is enough to give one pause. Have you ever struggled to know what to pray?

Perhaps, you’re intimidated by those who pray so eloquently it sounds like they’re praying from a poetry book and you may be feeling like you’re praying from the Cat in the Hat!

Have you ever wondered how to address God? The first time we have a conversation with an authority, and yes, God is definitely our authority, it can be awkward deciding how to address them. You may even be wondering how someone else seems to be so at ease in prayer. Just remember the better you get to know someone the easier it is to talk with them. Getting to know God takes time.

Reading the Bible is like stepping into the heart of God. It’s a place we can go to really get to know him; to know what he says and to read about how he feels about things. You can even find out what he thinks about you! The more you learn about him, the easier it is to come to him in prayer.

In the Bible you can learn how to pray, what to pray for, and even read about so many of his answers to prayer.

That’s one of the really incredible things about being one of God’s intercessors – we get a front row seat to seeing God glorified as he answers prayer!

It’s ok. You can do it. Jesus started with, “Our Father.”

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