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Prayer Comes At All Hours

By Jacqui – One of God’s Intercessors

There was a time that I didn’t know anyone who lived in a different time zone. Then I did. There was a time that I didn’t know anyone who lived in another country. Now, I do.

There was a time I said only short prayers for just a few people. Now, I pray for many. There was a time I prayed only for those I knew. Now, I pray for some I have yet to meet face to face. Yet, I care and I pray.

I remember once telling God that I would love a job to pray for people. I thought that a job like that didn’t exist. Now, I know it does. It is my job. But, it’s more than that. It is a calling from God.

There was a time I answered that call by praying during my prayer time. Now, my prayer time is whenever there is a need time. As one of God’s intercessors, I still work regular day hours. But, I also work in prayer many evenings, several early mornings, and even some late night times. And it is good.

My husband is a retired firefighter. For many years he worked 24 hour shifts at the firehouse. Whenever the tones went off, at whatever hour, he jumped up, put on his gear and went. He often put his own life on the line to save others and he did it willingly with a sense of God directed dedication.

Tonight, as I write, I think that our jobs are not so very different. When the calls, messages, and texts come in with urgent prayer requests, I stop and go to prayer. I don’t wait. Many times, I have said to my husband, “I’ll be back. I need to pray.” Then, I’ve gone to my prayer closet and dropped to my knees to intercede for those who are facing a life changing dilemma. Just as my husband went willingly, as one of God’s intercessors, I go willingly to fight the battle for others in prayers of intercession.

I no longer work a regular job. I now work the best job ever. I work for the Lord…whenever he calls.

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