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Pour like Rain in Prayer

A pouring rain can be life giving to plant life.  It soaks through and goes deep into the soil.  But, a torrential downpour often causes flooding and washes away the very roots that were needing the rain.  A day of drizzle may make us feel damp in the moment but quickly dries without leaving much of an impact and a quick burst of rain offers momentary relief to plants but the dryness returns all too quickly.  Water or rain in the Bible was life giving and often determined how people’s lives would fare.  Prayer and the answers God brings to our prayers can do the same. 


This morning God has told me that I am to cover a team in prayer.  I go very soon to pray with them.  As I listen to the rain on the roof, I am reminded that I must pour out in prayer over them in a life giving way.  My prayers should not be so emphatic that they are disturbing to those who are already hurting.  Neither should they simply touch on the hurts they feel. 


God would not even ask me to pray a prayer that would not be answered nor one that would quickly be forgotten.  No, He’s asking me to pray a prayer that soaks deeply into their Spirits and when answered brings all glory and honor to Him!  This could be intimidating except for the Holy Spirit.  You see the Holy Spirit will know just what needs to be prayed and how.  So, I will go soon with no idea of what the words will be that I will pray; only that they will be just right.


As I lay my hands upon them, I will listen for the Lord to speak, and then I know with all faith in God, that the words He wants prayed will begin to pour forth from my mouth.  There was a time I really struggled with this.  I allowed fear to have its way and to make me anxious about what I would pray.  Thank God that day is gone.


Many times over the past years, God has faithfully given me the words to pray with no foreknowledge of what they would be.  I’ve come to learn that when God directs the prayer it is always far better than anything I might have thought of!  I must simply pray a prayer of complete surrender to Him before I go.  Yes, complete surrender.  I must leave my earthly wisdom behind at my desk and open up to receive His infinite wisdom through the gift of His Holy Spirit in prayer.


If you’re struggling to rely on God in prayer, just stop thinking so hard.  Ask God to direct you and then listen.  I believe He’ll quite take your breath away.  Well, gotta go!  It’s time to go and pray like that wonderful drenching rain that goes deep into the soil.  May God’s words go deep into their Spirit and His answers be life giving to them.

By Jacqui – One of God’s Intercessors

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