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Never Seen by Some - Always Seen by God

Today, I received a picture and a message from one of my teammates, a fellow intercessor.  She wrote, “This was in Paracho where we prayed.  I know we aren’t responsible for this but our prayers paved the way at least a little.” 

I responded to her, “Our prayers and God’s answers.  To Him be the glory!  We are often unseen by those in the world here.  But we are always seen by God as His intercessors.”


I led a prayer team to Italy earlier this year.  Our prayer team walked every street remotely even close to the area where our missionaries are doing ministry.  We circled the area and each time made the circle larger.  Then before we left we prayed back over the ministry area itself and once again prayed our way through the streets surrounding it. 


The next week an Evangelism team came in.  Our field leader in Italy shared that they had never seen such a response as the one this evangelism team received.  People were more open than ever to receive the Gospel.  Was this evangelism team just much more skilled than any team prior?  Perhaps they were.  But our host and I believe God’s answers to the prayers we prayed so fervently the week prior opened the door to the hearts of the people so that they were ready to receive the Word the evangelism team would share with them.


Last summer we took a prayer team to Spain to walk and pray throughout each town close to the camp we have there.  This week I was asked to have our team pray for the Lord to send more children to the camp this summer.  Please understand that most of these towns no longer have a school in them; therefore, there are not many children living in the area close to the camp.


But, we remember what we prayed and how we asked God to send the children back into the towns.  So, it is with joy that we have begun praying for God to send many children to the camp this summer.  We are trusting that he will do exactly that and that more children than before will be coming.


In Hebrew the word (roo’ah) means wind.  The roo’ah q’dosh means Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit comes in often like a wind.  After there has been much prayer in a place, we have seen hearts and minds that were previously closed to receiving the Gospel become softer and opened to hearing.  Praise be to God. 


In our world we often credit the one who has just been there for doing the ministry.  Today, let us remember all who have gone before that one.  Let us remember those who prayed years before and those who prayed recently seeking God, asking him to prepare the way for all he would do and giving him glory.  Let us remember all those who planted ‘seeds’ over the course of many years before the person was remotely ready to receive all that Christ had for them.  Let us remember those who ‘watered’ the seed through Christ like acts.  And yes, let us remember the ones who were blessed to watch all that had come before now bring fruit today in their presence. 


As you pray, dear intercessor, you will often not be seen.  You may even feel a little overlooked at times.  But, trust that God sees you.  God heard your prayers on behalf of others.  So, go.  Pray.  Intercede. God will bring the fruit.    

By Jacqui – One of God’s Intercessors

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