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My Pain - His Glory

By Jacqui – One of God’s Intercessors

Mark Batterson wrote a wonderful book about perseverance in prayer entitled The Circle Maker. I admit I got excited about praying on my knees shortly after I read the book. In fact, I prayed for such long periods of time on my knees that one day when I stood up, something tore in my knee!

After an MRI revealed that my meniscus in that knee looked like spaghetti, I underwent knee surgery to repair it. Now, I have to admit that answering the question, “How did you hurt your knee?” was just a bit awkward. I would reply, “I was praying a long time.” This response garnered more than one look up from the computer screen they were busy recording data on. “You did what?!” It also opened many doors for me to talk about prayer.

Recently, after three prayer meetings back to back on Zoom, I found that my neck was really hurting. The pain increased throughout the day. After work I made a visit to the chiropractor. He’s normally very good at making an adjustment that puts things back in place.

However, this time that didn’t happen. This time there appeared to be more serious issues involved. He wrote important information down for me on a card and stressed that if the pain worsened, I was not to wait but to head directly to the emergency room. I waited and prayed. Then, at my husband’s urging, spent the night in the emergency room having tests run. The doctor agreed with the chiropractor that things didn’t look good and feared the possibility of an arterial tear in my neck.

My husband and I prayed. Our prayer was that whatever was going on would somehow Glorify God. Ok, I admit that I also prayed that God would give the doctors compassion. The Lord answered both prayers.

Once again, I was asked repeatedly what I had been doing when the pain started. I explained that I had been praying with missionaries in other countries on Zoom. Great opener, right?!

When the news finally came in that there was no tear in the arteries in my neck, the doctor rejoiced with us and we Praised God! Then, the nurse rejoiced and also Praised God with us! Did the prayer position cause the problem? They don’t really know. What we do know is that through my pain, God was Glorified!

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