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Meeting to Pray

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

By Jacqui - One of God's Intercessors

Some people get together for lunch. Others set time aside to go shopping or work on a project. Sporting events are a great place to meet up. (Personally, I love football!)

But, for an intercessor, there are times we just meet to pray for a couple of hours. For some of you when I mention praying for a couple of hours you are now ready to stop reading this blog! Two hours of Prayer?! For others, you may be thinking that's not long at all! If you're called to pray, you'll understand that we intercessors may pray for a few minutes or several hours or anywhere in between.

I'll be meeting with a friend and co-worker soon this morning to pray. Oh, we'll spend the first few minutes chatting. After all, we need to share what has brought us together. We will also need a few minutes to share anything that may be laying heavy upon our hearts. If we don't we'll be carrying those burdens into the prayer and not able to focus on the prayer reason we came together.

It seems best to me to pray over those heavy burdens first and then release them to God. It's freeing. It's like handing a friend or someone you love a very heavy package and asking them to carry it. This is what happens when we release our burdens to the Lord. He offers to carry them for us. Is there something you need to release to God, today?

Gotta go for now! It's time to meet my friend to pray.

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