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Is Your Kite Tangled?

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

By Jacqui - One of God's Intercessors

“You need to just let it go.” Has anyone ever told you that? Have you even told yourself that? I did, until recently. It wasn’t until I looked out my window and remembered flying a kite with our granddaughters that I received a new understanding. I understood what God had been trying to teach me about surrender.

When you hold the string of a kite on a windy day, you have to hold on tightly. If you choose to just let it go, you may watch the wind grab hold of the kite and twist and turn it away from you.

When you look up in the sky you may even believe it is gone; until you walk around to the front of the house. It is there you may very well discover that the kite is now tangled in a tree. It wasn’t really gone. Only now, you cannot reach it and releasing it becomes much more challenging.

When we have been hurt or gone through a painful experience, we often tell ourselves to “let it go” only to find the hurt creeping back up again at unexpected times. When we surrender our pain or hurt to God through prayer, it no longer reappears in a tangled mess when we didn’t expect it to. We may remember the hurt, but because it is now in the hands of our Lord, the pain is no longer threatening to undo us. It becomes a memory.

And those who know your name put their trust in you, for you, O LORD, have not forsaken those who seek you. Psalm 9:10

Are you still trying to let the hurt go? Is it time to surrender it to the one who loves you? If you’re wondering how to go about it, it begins with prayer. Lay out your pain before the Lord and tell him how you feel. Then, surrender it to him.

If you feel unsure or if you’ve carried that pain for so long, you’re not sure you can release it, call a friend who prays. Ask them to pray with and for you. If you don’t know someone to ask, leave a message on this blog and our intercessors will pray for you.

After our granddaughters surrendered the kite to Grampy, he held it for them, and they were free to play. Surrendering your pain to God will free you, too, friend.

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