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Is Prayer Intimidating You?

A car mechanic does not normally find it difficult to “pop the hood” and get his hands greasy looking for the problem.  That doesn’t mean there aren’t times he struggles to find it, but he is not intimidated to try.  A chef delights in trying new recipes and loves putting together a new combination for a tasty new creation.  It doesn’t mean the chef can’t still burn a piece of toast.  But, the chef finds joy in doing what she has become skilled to do.

My point here, friend, is that we are not normally intimidated to do something we do frequently; that we take delight in doing or that we feel called to do.  But, what about when it’s something you don’t do that often and you find it a struggle when you do?  For many people, that seems to be prayer.

Maybe you feel insecure about even trying to pray in a group.  The person who started the prayer just prayed quoting Scripture and you may be feeling like the only thing you can quote is your address.   Words flowed out of the next person to pray like they were reading from a book on theology and your prayer often sounds like you’re reading from Dr. Suess! 

First, let me just say that God wants to hear your voice in prayer – no matter how you sound.  Why?  Because he wants to hear you.  Second, well, I admit it can be hard for any of us to do something we don’t do often in front of a group of people.  But, there’s a way to change that.  Pray more often.

We can hire a good mechanic to fix our cars and order from a bakery when we need a cake.  But a relationship with God is something we must work on ourselves.  Prayer is, quite simply put, a way to communicate with Our Father in heaven. 

Communication is much more than just telling someone what we want.  It is a time of sharing, a time of listening, a time of connecting.  Prayer connects us with God in a way nothing else does. 

Today, I have a great desire to want to help others leave the intimidation of prayer behind and grow in a beautiful relationship of prayer with God.  The great part is you don’t need to sound like anyone but yourself when you pray.  I want to repeat again God wants to hear your voice in prayer. 

So, the next time someone invites you to pray with them, please do.  You don’t have to be a chef to bake with one and you don’t have to be called to be an intercessor to pray with one.  Just pray.  You can do it.

By Jacqui – One of God’s Intercessors

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