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Is it Well with Your Soul?

Is it well with your soul today? I didn’t ask if you were feeling happy. I’m asking if it is well with your soul. There is a difference. Praise God that it can be well with our soul in the worst of circumstances. Psalm 23:3 says He restores my soul. Even on days that our souls are weary, worn, grieving, broken or plain old mad, God can restore them. I believe this is something God does even without prayer.

As an intercessor I pray about everything. There is nothing too big, too deep, too small or too seemingly inconsequential that I do not pray about. But, today, I realized that God restores our souls even when we do not ask.

His Word tells us that we need to ask for what we need in prayer. It tells us to pray about everything. I wonder if it is because God knew we might never even think to pray that he would restore our soul. The very word restore means to bring back or to repair. God does both.

He brings us back to him – time and time again. He repairs the places that we have been broken or injured. He softens the areas of our lives that we have allowed to become hardened and he comforts us when we would hide in fear; even from him. He repairs our soul. He brings our soul back to him. God restores our souls.

So, dear friend, no matter how frustrated, angry, hurt, lonely, depressed, tired, or lost you may be feeling today, God can and will restore your soul; even if you forget to ask him. Why does he do this? I believe it’s so we can feel and know his comfort, his mercy, his grace and his love. EVEN in the midst of whatever is happening now in your life, God is restoring your soul.

For me, that brings peace. It reminds me that God is watching out for me now, in this moment, and always. It means I can continue to pray and intercede for others because it is well with my soul.

By Jacqui – One of God’s Intercessors

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