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I Know You're Out There!

By Jacqui – One of God’s Intercessors

God answers prayers. I know that and if you’re reading this blog chances are you know that, too. When I started this job it was difficult to get prayer requests from our field missionaries. That is changing. More people are sending in more prayer requests all the time. Our team is praying more than ever.

Initially, we were just praying from here. Now, a few of us are traveling to our global fields to pray with our missionaries. We’re building relationships and prayer ministry is growing. A kind leader once said to me, after looking at the list of what my team and I were doing. He said, “If you want to last, you’re going to have to cut back or get more people.”

He was right. Some days I’m tired. Some days it is a bit overwhelming and then I remember, “I know you’re out there!” I have prayed and our team is praying. We know we need more people and we know you’re probably the exact person we’ve been waiting for to join our team of World Intercessors. Let me share a bit more, since I’ve peaked your interest.

The biggest need right now is for my assistant to step up and say, “Here I am!” We’ve been given an approved job description for this person. It’s part-time and a support raised position, which means you may be blessed by talking with folks you know about what an amazing God we have and how you want to serve him and asking them to be your support team by making a monthly financial pledge and by praying for you! My own support team members are incredible people. I know yours will be, too.

If you’ve been waiting for an invitation to be part of a prayer team, to use all your organizational and communication skills, to promote our blog with your tech savvy skills and to work with a team of praying volunteers who like to step in a few times a year and pray for us as we travel, and you prefer to be in a supporting role, a real ‘right hand’ person, this position could be just right for you. But, it will only fit if you also love Jesus, can’t help but pray for people and are not afraid to go where God calls you to go.

You are needed and I trust God for the help he has promised to send. So, I know you’re out there. If it’s really you, please send me an email. I’m excited to meet you!

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