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How Many Can You Pray For?

By Jacqui – One of God’s Intercessors

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the number of people asking you to pray for them? Have you ever spent a day seeing prayer needs arise everywhere you looked? How did you handle it? Did you pray non-stop or did you somehow just stop praying?

Both can easily happen and sometimes do. As one of God’s intercessors my Spiritual eyes are constantly seeing needs for prayer. Most days, I am quietly and verbally praying those prayers throughout the day. In fact, on some days, I even reach out to the nearest person in the situation and say, “Let’s pray.” I admit that I often don’t even give them a chance to respond before I begin in prayer. It’s just that important.

But, intercessors are human, too. We can get overwhelmed and wonder how we’ll ever be able to pray for them all. That happened today. Then, God begins to pull a name or two to the top of those who need prayer. That happened today, too. That’s when I know that I won’t pray for all of them today. But, those I do pray for, I will pray well for. And, it will be OK because God is directing me.

I really want to ask you to stop and praise God with me. Right here. Right now. Let’s praise him! Let’s thank him, too! Father God, we praise you because you are the God who is worthy to be praised! We thank you because you can take an overwhelming situation and suddenly give light to the one you want lifted up in prayer. You amaze me, Lord.

God, I thank you that when there are many to pray for, you direct me to the ones that need prayer the most in that moment. Then, you guide the very words I pray for them. When I have prayed in obedience Lord, you answer that prayer!!

I thank you for taking this intercessor and infusing her with the amazing peace that comes when I know I’ve prayed for the ones you wanted prayed for and prayed just what you knew they needed.

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