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How Do You Enter?

By Jacqui – One of God’s Intercessors

How do you enter into prayer? Are you finding yourself rushing into the throne room of prayer and rattling off your requests to God as quickly as you can before exiting through a side door as you continue on your way?

Do you often storm into the prayer room of God demanding what you need? Have you even found yourself, on occasion, all but stamping your foot at the end of your prayer?

Or, are you meekly slipping in quietly, almost afraid he’ll notice you’re there and whispering a few words under your breath or even praying silently so no one else could possibly know of the prayer you just uttered to the Lord?

To be honest, there have been days in the past, that I have entered in all those ways. These were not my finest moments of entrance. You see, I was forgetting where I was actually entering and who I was bringing my prayers to.

As an intercessor, I frequently enter the throne room of prayer seeking God. Yes, God is probably used to all my emotions in prayer by now, and I believe he appreciates those emotions as he created them. But, let me share briefly about my favorite times in God’s throne room.

For me, I love the times when I go to God in prayer, and I enter as if I’m there to stay. I’m there to spend time in the presence of my Lord. My thoughts are not on how fast I can get the prayer out or how quickly I’ve deemed God needs to answer. I’m there in his prayer room to fellowship with my Lord. In case, you’re wondering about that, I will quite simply share that I love to ‘hang out’ with God in prayer.

Those are the times that I hear him most clearly. Understanding often comes and my heart finds peace. Perhaps it is because I came not only to speak with him, to bring the heartfelt requests of those in need to him, but to hear him. Those times often find my Bible open in my lap or even my praise music playing as I spend time praising him.

Did you know you could enter God’s prayer room ready to praise him? You can. Praise is not dependent on what’s happening in your life. Praise is dependent on what’s happening in your spirit.

Next time you begin to pray, remember friend, you’re entering God’s throne room of prayer. How will you choose to enter and approach Almighty God?

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