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Hey, Those are His Words, Not Mine!

By Jacqui – One of God’s Intercessors

I love words. They allow us to communicate in a way that others understand. Sometimes, just a few key words have more meaning than an entire page of rambling words.

When I pray, I often use many of my own words. If I’m praying alone with God, interspersed throughout my prayer will be reminders of God’s promises; his words. No, I don’t think God forgot what he promised. I do think he wants me to remember what he promised! So, I use his words as I pray, both to remind me of what he promised and as an act of faith that I am trusting him to fulfill the promises I am praying.

When I am interceding in prayer for someone else, I often choose to pray God’s words over them. It’s really amazing how the Lord brings to mind certain Scriptures that somehow are exactly what needs to be prayed.

You may wonder how I know what needs to be prayed. First, God’s own words come to mind that fit the very situation we’re praying about. Second, I feel that sense of rightness within the prayer itself. Finally, well, let’s just say, the person I’m praying over is telling me with their own agreeance and body language that their Spirit is resonating with the rightness of the words being prayed over them.

One word of caution here. If you happen to be praying a lot of your own words and they’ve somehow begun to ramble on as you search for just the right words, that body language you’re witnessing could be the person your interceding for telling you to get to the point! If this happens, stop, ask God to give you the words he wants prayed. Listen and then continue to intercede in prayer.

It doesn’t take hours of Bible study to be able to pray God’s words. But, if you spend time everyday reading the Scriptures, and if you go to the Scriptures whenever you’re struggling to look for answers (which you will find), then you’ll discover that suddenly you remember God’s words!

If you have someone you really feel convicted to pray for and you don’t seem to have the words, pray God’s words. Prepare to be amazed at the power and intensity of praying the Holy Scriptures!

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