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He Doesn't Fight Fair

By Jacqui – One of God’s Intercessors

The enemy is mean and he really doesn’t fight fair. If you’ve ever encountered his tactics this is not news to you. As one of God’s intercessors it seems I frequently run into the enemy. He really seems to hate it when I pray. I really hate it when he tries to stop me from praying!

That has been the case today. I had time set aside (a few hours in fact) for some much needed prayer. I started doing this each week a few weeks ago. It began as a wonderful time of going to God in prayer and carefully placing each prayer request before him. It included a beautiful time of listening in silent prayer as I felt God guide me in next steps. God answered many prayers and the enemy took notice.

The next week, the interruptions began happening. I set my phone on silent outside my prayer room door and continued to pray. Each small break the texts and emails requiring my attention seemed to get longer. But, I persevered.

Week three came around and my work load seemed to have doubled for my scheduled time of prayer. Somehow, those hours became shorter as the cries from team members and others became louder. Interruptions were fast becoming the norm.

It’s week four and I'm holding the sword of the Spirit and ready to go to war! Requests for quick meetings that could only happen during my prayer time came, along with a myriad of frustrating interruptions. Yes, I’m quite ready to pack my bag and ‘get out of Dodge’ to go look for a place to pray far away from my phone and my computer.

Yet, somehow, even in the midst of this battle for my extended prayer time, prayers have happened. Maybe, they weren’t as long as I would’ve liked, but they were certainly prayed! In fact, I found myself praying as I walked, as I typed, as I waited on hold on a phone call (that yes, you guessed it, had to be made during that time frame). As I noticed the hours quickly speeding away, I realized that I had in fact been praying without ceasing all day.

So, while prayer looked different today. It still happened! God won. He always does.

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