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God Lifts the Heavy Stuff

By Jacqui – One of God’s Intercessors

This past week has been an intense week of intercession. In the past three days, God has brought 29 people to me seeking intercessory prayer. I have sat with each one, often with an intercessor partner. As they shared their deep thoughts and poured out their concerns, we listened carefully in preparation of praying for them.

With each one, the Lord nudges when the point comes that it is time for us to go to prayer. Some sat quiet and confident. Some bowed and held out their hands. Others bent over with tears running down their faces. All submitted their needs to the Lord and allowed us to intercede with him on their behalf. Together, we entered into one of the deepest forms of prayer - intercession.

For a few, their burdens were heavy and as I laid my hands upon their shoulders, I could feel their pain. Pain is heavy. Even in prayer, pain is heavy. But, thank God, he lifts the heavy stuff! As the Lord guided the words of my prayer, I could feel him lift that pain off of their shoulders, out of my hands, and into his strong arms. Only in intercession have I truly experienced this feeling.

One of our newer intercessors was my partner on the day that she experienced the true grief of one we were interceding for. Later, in a brief conversation, I learned that she was still holding onto some of the pain of the one we had prayed for. It can happen that way for an intercessor. Then, we learn that God is waiting to lift the heavy weight of that pain and we must let him. We cannot hold onto it. It is not ours to carry. It is only ours to lift up to the Lord and through intercession give it to him.

I shared with her that she would need to pray again later and give all that she was holding onto from that time of prayer safely into the Lord’s care. As intercessors, we plead with the Lord on behalf of someone else. When their pain is too strong for us to lift, the Holy Spirit within us lifts it up to God, and there it must remain. You see, friend, our God is able. He is able to carry whatever we bring to him.

At the end of the week, our intercessor team will rest. We’ll slip away to a quiet place and allow the Lord to heal our tired spiritual muscles so we’ll be ready for the next time. What a blessing it is to experience that tired exhilaration of having worked directly with God and the comfort of knowing he is already at work in the lives of those we brought to him in prayer.

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