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Giving the Gift of Prayer This Christmas

Dear Friend, as we enter a season of gift giving, I urge you to think about giving the gift of prayer to someone you know this Christmas. Perhaps there is someone on your list that is hard to buy for. Take a moment and think about why you feel that way. Do they appear to have all they need? Do they simply buy whatever they want? Are they difficult to please? This person could be in real need of prayer.

It can be difficult to tell someone what you really need is for them to just listen for a bit, without interrupting, without turning the conversation to their own stories and situation, but to really listen and focus on what you’re sharing and to pray for you.

It can be difficult to tell someone else that you buy whatever you want and have all you need, yet you’re lonely and still feel that something is missing in your life. What you really need is someone to show that they care about you, just for a little while, and to pray for you.

It can be difficult to tell someone that you’re difficult to please because you never really feel that anyone hears you, sees you or your needs. What you really need is to have someone want to know you well enough to know just how to pray for you.

It could be that those folks on our Christmas lists that appear to be the most difficult to buy for are that way because we can’t really buy what they need most. But, we can give it. We can give them the gift of truly listening to them. We can give them the gift of caring about them. We can give them the gift of getting to know them and we can give them the gift of praying for them.

As one of God’s intercessors each time I meet with someone one on one, I listen. Sound simple? It actually takes practice at first. To be a good intercessor I must listen without interrupting or getting sidetracked if what they said reminds me of a situation I once had. Sound familiar? God has taught me the art of really listening. It took time, but I learned.

God’s Word tells us to love one another. We know this. So, how often do we get too busy to care? How often do we care, but not take the time to say it, or show it? Scripture reminds us that faith without deeds is dead (James 2:17). Love is not just a noun. It’s a verb. Telling someone how busy you are does not help them feel cared about. Asking how they are and caring as you listen to their response not only shows them, it helps you intercede better for them!

No matter how well we know someone there are still things we don’t know about them. We are all constantly changing. Before you write someone off as being critical and assuming nothing will please them, take 5-10 minutes to really listen to them. Stop looking at them without really seeing them. Take a good look. Does your co-worker, neighbor, friend, family member look tired, stressed, frustrated; find out why. Then, offer to pray for them.

Put your credit card back in your wallet and pull out your phone. Call or text that person and let them know you want to give them the gift of prayer this Christmas. Plan to give them 30 minutes in person, on FaceTime or just on a phone call to really listen, and then friend, intercede for them in prayer. You will bless them and God will bless you both.

By Jacqui - One of God's Intercessors

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