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Getting Out the Christmas Prayer Boundaries

By Jacqui – One of God’s Intercessors

I love Christmas! I hate it when prayer gets lost because there’s so much going on. I wonder how many prayer starts, delays and cancelations will happen this year. Unless, I change something now, there will be far too many.

A ‘prayer start’ is when I start to pray for someone or something and then get interrupted. Those interruptions don’t always come from another person or the phone. Sometimes, they come because what I was praying about triggers another thought. Then, the prayer heads down the detour lane of something else I am reminded of that I need to do later.

If something doesn’t change now, I’m bound to experience “prayer delays” this season. These happen when I’ve set aside time to pray for someone and then the emails, phone calls, and requests come that keep me from starting that prayer appointment on time!

Christmas is coming and I love it. But, I know that before the 1st day of December comes, I need to put my prayer boundaries firmly in place. This year I do not want a stack of ‘unfinished prayers’ in my prayer closet. I don’t want shortened prayers because of too many ‘prayer delays’ and I definitely do not want any ‘prayer cancelations’ because time got away from me trying to fit in too many other duties and preparations.

Today, as one of God’s Intercessors, I am getting out my prayer boundaries and getting them set up. Before the first snowfall, before the next Christmas sale, before someone brings me the next greatest idea they would like me to do, I am going to God in prayer. You see, I have learned from past experience that I am not capable of keeping those boundaries on my own.

This year, I’m asking for God’s help. No unfinished prayers, prayer delays or prayer cancelations for this intercessor. With God’s help I am standing firm in faith and in prayer this Christmas season.

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