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Do You Need to Make a Decision?

Blog by Jacqui – One of God’s Intercessors

We often hear that we need to pray and seek God’s wisdom. I’ve prayed much for those seeking the Lord’s discernment in a situation. We pray and ask for God’s perfect timing knowing his timing is better than ours. So, how do we pray when we need to make a decision by an earthly deadline?

I, personally, love God’s timing. It has proven over and over to be better and wiser than my own. But this week I am faced with making a decision that must be made by a certain date and that date is looming every closer! Like some of you, I thought I had this all figured out. I knew what was going to happen and I was ready to give my answer. Then change happened.

A situation out of my control occurred and now a new plan must be put in place before I can give an answer. As I prayed about this, seeking God’s wisdom and asking for his discernment, I have come to realize that deadline or not, I must answer in faith. I must answer trusting in God to provide what I will need to have.

When we seek God in prayer, sometimes, he will reveal an answer to us that we had somehow missed before. But there are times, friend, that he says, “I know where you are and I know what you need. I even know that you don’t yet have it.” It can be hard to say, “yes”, when all we have is faith that somehow at the moment it is needed, God will provide.

Perhaps you, too, are seeking an answer to a prayer as I have been this morning. I will share with you that the answer he has given me is “Trust in Me.” So, while I do not have what I would like to have before saying, “yes”, I will still give my “yes” remembering all that I do have. I have assurance that God’s wisdom is greater than mine. I have wisdom enough to know that the discernment he is giving me is right and I have the promise that he will provide. In truth, friend, God answered my prayer when I heard the words, “Trust in Me.”

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