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Blog - Words I Say A lot

By Jacqui – One of God’s Intercessors

As an intercessor there are six words that I say a lot. My husband even commented the other day that he’s heard me say this phrase several times. Do you have words that you use a lot? I suppose I say these six words often because they help me do what I do. I pray.

Maybe, it’s because I’ve seen the power of what God can do in a life, and I don’t like to see anyone suffer. Perhaps, it’s because I know what God wants me to do and I don’t like to delay my obedience to his calling.

I know I can’t ‘fix’ what has happened in someone’s life. I often can’t even make it better. I don’t posses any magic words, and I can’t turn back time or even speed it up. But God has shown me what I can do, what he’s called me to do. I pray.

If you really don’t understand prayer, you may think of it as what you do when you really don’t want to help. Some consider prayer ‘empty words’. Thank God, they are not!

Prayer, my friend, is what you do when you know the one who can help. It’s what you do when you know God hears you and you’ve seen the miracles he brings and the lives he changes. The biggest miracle often begins with the smallest prayer.

My precious granddaughter, Allie, has a phrase she says a lot. (Allie is 16 months old) She says, “Hep, peas.” Translated this means “help, please”. She knows exactly what she’s asking when she speaks her adorable phrase. She’s learned that her mommy and daddy can do things for her she cannot do herself. So, after she’s tried awhile by herself, she looks to them and says, “Hep, peas.” Allie never doubts for a moment that the help will come.

My phrase is very much like Allie’s. You see, I never doubt that God will hear me or that he will answer. I know the answer might not come the way I expected, but then, God can do immeasurably more than we can ever imagine. He is, after all, the Almighty God.

So, when I’m talking with you and you begin to share with me the trials you are facing; the confusion you feel about why your life is headed in the direction it is, why your child is addicted to drugs, why your daughter won’t speak to you, why your wife had an affair and left, why it was your child that died in the crash, or why you have cancer, you will hear me speak the words I say a lot.

“Let’s just stop and pray now.”

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1 Comment

Dec 16, 2020

Excellent reminder to pray right “then and there“ in the moment and not just say “I’ll pray.” Thank you Jacqui.

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