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Blog - We Have a Choice

By Jacqui – One of God’s Intercessors

A family with two funerals in the same week, a young woman whose fiancé was killed in a crash in the midst of their wedding planning, COVID in my family and most likely in yours; Israel under lockdown with police to stem the rising COVID numbers, rioting in our nation’s capital…and it’s only Thursday.

It would be very easy to focus on what we can’t do. We can’t erase the pain from those who lost loved ones this week or give back the dreams of a life together to one who is suffering. We can’t even see our loved ones while they suffer with COVID. Lockdowns aren’t even stopping the rise of the virus in the Holy Land. While the police and National Guard sent people who rioted in our capital home yesterday, unease simmers beneath the surface of our country.

But what if we prayed?

You see, friend, while we can’t do much, there’s nothing God can’t do. Even now, we have hope. Even now, even in all of this, God is still Almighty.

Perhaps, you’re thinking, “What could even God do?” Let’s remember what Jesus did. He healed those who were sick – even the woman who had seen every doctor she could find with no results for twelve years. He healed the blind, the deaf, and the lame. He brought life from death. He even conquered death on the cross! We have hope.

Jesus gave love. He gave forgiveness and offered new beginnings in the lives of those who were suffering. And, friend, he’s still offering that same hope today.

Jesus prayed. When he needed to feed five thousand men, plus women and children, he prayed, and God provided. Jesus taught his disciples to pray. He even told them, there would be things they could not do without prayer and fasting. But, in prayer there is always hope because God is the one who hears our prayers.

So, today, if you’re having the same type of news I’m having, you may be tempted to become discouraged and focus on what you can’t do. But you have a choice, as I do.

I choose hope. I choose to pray trusting God has a plan that will bring beauty from the ashes of loss.

Will you choose hope? Will you choose to pray?

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