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Blog - Drizzles and Downpours

By Jacqui - One of God's Intercessors

Let’s take a moment to be utterly honest here. Intercessors experience drizzles and downpours in a life of prayer. We don’t just constantly operate in the realm of nice steady rains of prayer.

The drizzles are those times when it seems our prayers are short, small, a time of searching for the right words and feeling that perhaps these prayers we’re praying aren’t even making much of an impact.

Then there are the downpours. These are the times that we can’t seem to stop praying. The words pour out of us to the point that it seems the prayer may go on for hours and sometimes does! It’s as though heaven itself is supplying the words and we realize for a brief moment the power in the prayer.

For a lot of us we long for the days of steady rain prayers. The prayers that flow. These are the prayers when it seems God wrote them himself just for us to pray in the right moment.

But I’ve come to realize it isn’t really about the words that I pray; the short searched for words, the intense powerful words, or the calm seemingly exact needed words. Prayer is about God. Let’s be clear, friend, prayer is ALL about God.

You see no matter what words I speak in the prayer it is meaningless without the one who answers the prayer – the Lord God Almighty, El Shaddai. I’ve discovered that prayer is about relationship with God.

For those who love the Lord, and I know you’re out there. We realize that prayer is the opportunity to be in God’s presence. It’s always good to be with one that you love, wouldn’t you agree?

When you come to love the Lord, prayer is about speaking with the one you love; knowing and trusting that he can do far more in any given situation than we ever can.

And so, it’s ok, if you’re experiencing drizzles, downpours, and somedays those steady rains of prayer. We have many different types of conversation with those we love, and that includes God. He loves us, too, you know. So, he understands on the days we can’t seem to find the right words. Just as he understands us on the days we feel intensely about something. The beautiful part is that he hears us.

The God of the universe hears us. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will hear you. Jer 29:12 And then…God answers. All Glory be to God!

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