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Attitude - What's Yours?

By Jacqui – One of God’s Intercessors

What is your attitude towards prayer today? Do you simply have too much to do? Are you overwhelmed by life? Are you struggling even knowing what to pray? Has prayer become a burden?

Or do you find prayer easy? Do you find yourself constantly in a state of small prayers? Do you enjoy deep long prayer times that feel better than a work out at the gym? Do you find it hard to imagine not praying?

If you’re an intercessor you have probably experienced all of the above and more. I have. And I’ve come to realize we have an attitude about prayer. Just recently, I had one prayer volunteer say to me, “Prayer is so easy. It’s something we all can do.” Fast forward a few hours and a person who had just asked for prayer declined an offer of a time of prayer because they had too much to do. They asked that we just go ahead and pray for them.

I am often reminded of the quote by the man who said, “I have so much to do today that I must spend the first three hours in prayer!” He had obviously figured out that God can do much more through his power in answering prayer than we could ever accomplish in our own task driven self!

I remind myself and you, too, friend, that prayer is talking to God. So, it doesn’t matter how much I have to do, I can make time to talk to and listen to God and that is not a burden. Even if the prayer has nothing to do with me because I am called to intercede for another, I am still blessed to be the one who gets to talk to God!

So, what’s your attitude towards prayer like today? Are you whining about it or reveling in it? If you view it as another task you could be finding it difficult and wearisome. But, if you view it as time to spend with Our Lord, you could be feeling pretty excited.

Ask God to help you check your attitude.

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