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Are You Listening?

By Jacqui – One of God’s Intercessors

Have you noticed that our world is very loud? Waiting rooms almost always have a TV on. Calls on hold play music and recorded voices. Work places are filled with on-going conversations up and down the hallways. Small children often have noise machines to block out other sounds so they can focus on only one sound to go to sleep! So, how in the midst of our noisy world can we hear the Lord speak to us?

We have become trained to speak; to make our own noise. Is it possible we’re speaking, not because we have something to say, but because we just like the sound of our own voice? But if we’re busy speaking, how can we be listening for God?

I read a devotion this morning where the writer encouraged the reader to begin their prayer by listening. My pastor often begins a prayer with a moment of silence before he speaks. I wonder how many of us are thinking he simply doesn’t know what he wants to say and that’s why he’s quiet? Some may even wonder if he forgot to turn the microphone on!

As an intercessor I have learned that it is vital that I take time to find a quiet place and listen for God and then listen to God. Remember when Elijah ran to the mountain? God told him he would be coming. Elijah listened in the wind and did not hear him. He listened through an earthquake and a fire, but did not hear God. Then, in the quiet, he clearly heard the Lord speak to him. (1 Kings 19:11-13)

If you pray often for others and especially if you are called as an intercessor, listening for the voice of the Lord is as critical as breathing. If you are wanting to draw closer to God; to grow in faith; to go deeper into a life of prayer, you can begin by listening.

Find a quiet place. You will most likely have to consciously search out a quiet place. Remember, we live in a loud and noisy world. Go alone. Jesus went alone to be with God; to hear his Father in Heaven. He’s a pretty good example to follow! When you’ve found a quiet place and you’re there alone, then pray. Just remember to begin that prayer by listening. God knows what you are going to say before a word is on your tongue. The question is “Do you know what God is wanting to say to you?” The only way you will find out is to begin by listening.

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