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Why is it hard for people to pray?

This morning on my drive to work I heard the radio announcer talk about how she finds it hard to pray. She was reaching out to others and asking them to call in with ideas on how to improve a prayer life.

In all honesty, I was saddened by how many people said they find it hard to pray. One person said they really have no idea what to pray about. Others simply had difficult taking the time to pray. Some said they pray often while driving. A quick side note on that last suggestion – I, too, pray sometimes while driving. But, it would be difficult for me to pray deeply while driving. Perhaps, my driving needs more attention than others!

One caller gave some good advice when she said, “Make God a priority.” Perhaps it is just that simple. We make time to talk with those who are a priority in our lives. You know the people in your life that you will answer your phone when they call, if at all possible, because they are a priority to you. If you can’t answer, you call them back as soon as possible.

You also know the people in your life that you have a habit of not answering their calls; thinking I’ll get back to them later. Is that what is happening to God? Have you started thinking, I’ll pray later?

I read Psalm 65:2 this morning which says, “You who answer prayer, to you all people will come.” God does answer prayer. This doesn’t mean he is going to give you whatever you want exactly the way you want it if you ask. It does mean he will listen anytime you pray and he will answer. Personally, I have to thank God that sometimes his answer has been to say, “No”, because I have looked back later and thought, “I really didn’t understand what I was asking for. That would’ve brought me pain had he answered the way I wanted.”

God has answered my prayers in unexpected ways and he has answered in ways that brought immeasurably more than I ever could’ve imagined. He always answers. I see this most clearly when I trust him enough to pray that his will be done; that he give me wisdom to proceed in his way.

Being on the front line of prayer as an intercessor, I spend much time with God in prayer. You might expect me to have a grand answer on how to make prayer easier for you or for others. But, honestly, I think the lady who called into the radio station had it right when she said, “Make God a Priority.”

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