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Where Does an Intercessor Work?

By Jacqui – One of God’s Intercessors

On Monday I had a post-op appointment with a surgeon. She was running behind and I waited for an hour in a quiet little room. What a productive time for an intercessor! I prayed. I mentally planned out an upcoming prayer chapel and answered an email on my phone that needed immediate attention.

I found myself thinking of the days this past summer when I prayed my way through a strawberry patch while picking berries and of the times that the prayer requests I received were so weighty I walked for an hour in the Walnut Grove of trees interceding for others.

Several days, I pray with people on Zoom. I simply need a quiet, private place for these calls. Thankfully, I’ve learned to find many places that will work. I’ve prayed over the phone and met others in person in varying places to pray with them.

Sometimes, I work in a small barn office. There are days that a desk is needed! Other days, I’m in a back room in my home. I work while traveling and anytime I find myself waiting somewhere. Once a week, I go to the office. But, don’t expect to find me at my desk for too long, as I’m usually in the prayer chapel or someone else’s office to meet and pray with them.

When I first started this job, I wanted to hold regular work hours every day in the same place. You know how it gives a person a sense of comfort that you are ‘on the job’ when you need to be and ‘off work’ when the clock tells you it’s time to stop. God has taught me much about the life of an intercessor. Lesson one – an intercessor cannot effectively do the job sitting at a desk all day every day. Lesson two – prayer needs seldom confine themselves to a nine to five work day. Lesson three - buy a good suitcase because you never know where the Lord will call you to go!

Over the past few years, I’ve learned to work in several different places, and I’ve finally learned that my hours will often need to be adjusted. The beauty of this is that it helps me understand that God is everywhere and available when we need him. He even trains his intercessors so you may find one where and when you need them!

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