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When the Prayer Assignment just Fits

By Jacqui – One of God’s Intercessors

It’s really quite amazing how God lines up just the right people to pray for a situation, a person, or a nation. I just had the privilege of being the liaison to link up a need for prayer in a certain country with a prayer volunteer leader and her small prayer team. It truly was a perfect fit!

So, maybe, you’re now wondering how you know if a prayer request or a prayer assignment is a good fit. How would you know if you were a good fit to intercede in prayer for someone or even a country? It’s pretty simple, really. Just ask yourself this question… “Do I feel a connection?”

I was in Israel the first time God truly made that connection for me in a very big way. He allowed my heart to be broken for the lost in Israel. I had heard the phrase ‘break my heart for what breaks yours, Lord’. Perhaps, I even thought I understood it. But, I didn’t really; not until it actually happened.

Not every prayer assignment will ‘break your heart’, but if you need to be praying, it will touch you in some way. You may feel a known connection with the prayer request or it may come as an inexplicable desire to pray. We connect in many different ways, but the connection allows us to pray; to intercede for others in a very real heartfelt way.

When God calls you as an intercessor, you may find yourself connecting to the need for prayer for something or someone you see on the evening news or something you read on your newsfeed. Suddenly, it comes, and you know that you need to pray.

When or if it happens to you, please know dear friend, that you are not crazy. You may feel a bit that way the first time you find yourself praying for someone you don’t know or a situation that brings tears to your eyes as you fervently lift it to the Lord in prayer. Honestly, it’s the Lord giving you a prayer assignment.

Oh, and by the way, God rarely calls ahead to see if you’re available to take the prayer assignment like I did with our volunteer prayer leader. The Lord gives many prayer assignments on the spot. So, be prepared to pray and intercede for those in need whenever and wherever you are.

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