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What Can't Be Scheduled

By Jacqui – One of God’s Intercessors

Saturday morning headed north to spend the day with my son’s family and an URGENT prayer request comes in. My husband is used to the fact that I may suddenly begin praying fervently aloud in the car when a prayer request is sent my way.

Seeing the pie dough resting on the counter next to a bowl of fresh peaches cut up for a pie, my husband then heard my voice beseeching the Lord in prayer from another room. He quietly went outside knowing the request had most likely come in as PLEASE PRAY!

My son-in-law asking if everything is OK after an “Oh, no,” escaped my lips when I picked up my phone after being outside with my family. He just nodded when I responded, “prayer needed.” I stepped out to pray.

One of my granddaughters coming to sit close as she watched me type out a prayer to text to someone in need. She noticed I put a small heart at the end of that prayer. That’s when she asked if she, too, could send a heart and prayer to the person. (It’s never too early to begin training a future intercessor!)

As one of God’s intercessors, I’ve learned not to put off the prayers that are marked URGENT or PLEASE PRAY. While prayer is not bound by time or space, when the call comes for an intercessor, we are to pray. In my earlier days of intercession, I remember arguing with God once. I felt him urge me to go pray for a woman. I insisted, “But, God, I’m baking a cake!”

After concluding that the Lord would not take this burden to pray for the woman from me, I turned off the mixer, left the batter, and went to pray with her. When I walked up she had just received devastating news and collapsed in my arms. I’ve not forgotten that God knows what I do not.

I no longer argue with God about prayer. When I feel him lead me to pray, I pray. You can’t schedule when someone will be in deep need of prayer or when you will be called to intercede for them. It’s all part of the life of an intercessor.

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