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There is a Cost

We really don’t like to talk about costs, do we?  We’d much rather talk about benefits.  With Easter barely in our rearview mirror, we must certainly recognize that there is a great cost that was paid for our Salvation.  Jesus paid a high price for us to have eternal life; a cost that we would not have ever been able to cover.  Yes, Jesus paid our price.  He covered our cost.


Going to the mission field to serve as Jesus would have us serve involves a cost.  It’s not free.  If there’s an airline out there that offers missionaries free international travel, please let me know!  I haven’t found one.  The unromantic truth is that mission travel will cost us.  It costs us money, time, and living outside of our comfort zone for a period of time.


This last trip to the field was a bit stressful for me on the financial side.  There were several costs that had to be paid before we went.  Reimbursement from my support account generally comes after the trip.  Thanks to those who help me with this part of the trip, we got things worked out so I could pay these upfront bills.  God provided.


Times and dates don’t always work well, either.  Currently, I have a trip scheduled where the cost is people!  Each person I’ve approached about going on the trip has said those dates won’t work for them.  Time is running out and I am praying that God will send just the right people he wants to go and be part of this prayer team.  I must trust the Lord to provide the people needed. *Please pray so that you might be part of the answer!


When I invite someone to go on a prayer trip, I cannot offer to keep them in their comfort zone.  In fact, I can almost guarantee that they will be asked to leave it at home!  We are often asked to pray in places that make us uncomfortable, to pray with people we don’t know or just met, and to serve in prayer in ways some are definitely not comfortable with.  There is a cost. 


Yet, each and every time an opportunity comes, I see God at work.  He provides the funds.  He provides the people who are willing to pay the cost to go; the cost to serve him.  He provides a growth within us that allows us to become stronger prayer intercessors than ever before.  God provides a way and he does it in ways I often could not have imagined.  Our Creator has an amazing way of creatively answering our prayers!!  So, yes, there is a cost to going to the mission field to serve the Lord.  But, friend, the benefit is always greater. 


By Jacqui – One of God’s Intercessors

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